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MEDCOM - By and for doctors

Medical Committees,
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Safe and full featured management designed by and for medical teams to get the most out of your meetings


Comply with correct workflows running effective and well documented committees, store your information secured, centralized and always available, and generate the smart communication to keep informed your team about meetings, agendas, conclusions, minutes, actions and patients medical histories.


Leverage your existing team workflow to help you plan, capture, share and manage the vital information exchanged in every committee with an advanced, smart and reactive user interface carefully designed to get the most of each click. Let us help you get immediate benefits with no learning curve.

Any device

Reachable from any web browser on any device, through Progressive Web Apps manifests, or through native apps available (very soon) for iOS and Android tablets and mobiles. Fully responsive and reactive UI/UX to get your information updates real time everywhere and in all your devices.

API Integration

Link the patient with the cases discussed in the committees and access the conclusions directly from your Hospital Information System (HIS) through a clean API. Create new patients and cases, and access all the available information about a patient either official information of minutes or cases working on.

MEDCOM - HIPAA Compliant

And relax about
your information,data protection laws,your knowledge,hipaa compliance,safety requirements,data protection rules

Specialized management for medical committees generated information with highest safety requirements


Secured, centralized and shared workspace enabling compliance with applicable law and meeting the standards. An always available, replicated and backed up solution to treat all the sensitive information generated in the committees with the highest level of security required.

HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for protecting your sensitive patient data. MEDCOM deals with protected health information and ensure the required physical, network and process security measures are in place and applied to all tracked transactions.

MEDCOM - A matter of best medical committees

A matter of
being ready,security,experience,privacy,best practices

Advanced engineering applied to an experienced view

First, safety

Secured, centralized and shared workspace enabling compliance with applicable law and meeting the standards, an always available, replicated and backed up solution to treat information with the highest level of security required.

Special, Specialized

Rock solid software designed by and for doctors, teams and institutions to meet all particular medical committees needs, promoting best practices before, during and after the meeting with a smart and high quality application.

Latest technology

Obsessively dedicated to keep MEDCOM software at the top of technological innovation, running on the most advanced, solid and secure cloud. The best infrastructure, services, features and support, now it is up to you to make them useful.

Count on us

Personalized care, constant service improvement policy and enthusiastic team delighted to hear about you, your issues, your projects and your specific needs adopting MEDCOM as integral solution for your team, organization or institution.

MEDCOM - Designed for better medical committees

Designed thinking about
you,your team,your patients,best committees

All the features you need, only the features you need


Shared calendar to keep committee members informed automatically and in real time about changes in scheduled meetings or in the order of the day.


Interactive agenda instantly shared with your team. Propose agenda items or share any related information, because best committees begin with ready members.

Medical History

Patients repository to easily work on and manage related cases, and to share with your team in a specific agenda item, keeping conclusions linked and available.


Real-time collaboration to capture decisions and actions, and to make officially available the minute to members just after finishing the committee.

MEDCOM - A medkit for medical committees


Check changes instantly with MEDCOM exclusive collaborative writing system to work with colleges in minutes and cases concurrently and in real time.

Secure Chat

Secure full featured messaging system for doctors. is free and let you keep centralized and law compliant all your team medical communications.


User click and keystroke level logging system for maximum traceability to ensure and guarantee the officiality and accuracy of your committees minutes.


Colleagues collaboration workspace to share and keep organized and accesible all relevant information about committees in your team or organization.

MEDCOM - On any device

Ready for
a great support,running in the cloud,HIS integration,a personal assistance

Continuously improving to provide excellent software and all related services


Connect your HIS to MEDCOM through our API in a noninvasive, easy and secure way, so you can get your patients basic information linked to the committees and all discussions, files and decisions related to their cases. You click, we take care.


On the one hand, we are a technologist group of doctors and engineers with over 15 years experience working together on health and science related projects. On the other hand, we are happy to hear about you and your ideas. So, we speak?


Experienced, expertised and solid team with deep knowledge about large and complex health sector projects. From new ideas to updates and migrations, from the initial concept to full product life cycle under AGILE software development techniques.


We know about special medical users, processes, rules, laws and praxis, and we also know about the challenging environment where doctors work. Taken into account, our goal is to help you get the most out for your team and organization medical committees.

MEDCOM - Our customers love us, and so we do!

Some of our clients love us
and so we do!

University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid

Dr. González

MEDCOM has simplified, secured and powered at the same time the way we work at our medical committees. Both the secretary and the members are benefiting from the first day of use, and now we can forget tedious tasks and concentrate on decisions over patients.

University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid

Dr. Juzgado

Before MEDCOM, in my committee we used text documents, mails, instant messaging apps, papers, telephone calls,… A lot of scattered information shared through no rule neither law compliance channels. Now all has changed, and everything is where it should be.

University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid

Dra. Sánchez

The ideal tool for all of our organization doctors and related people in medical committees management. Now we can access all critical generated information about our patients that we were losing, we take care now about functional and legal problems solved.

University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid

Dr. De Juan

Awesome! MEDCOM not only let us follow best practices, comply with legal requirements and automatize tasks for our committees. We can measure our work and our decisions effectiveness, and the most important, to share valuable information with the team.

MEDCOM - Relax about your critical medical committees information